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Useful Travel Advice To Apply When Visiting Canada

By Andrew Olson

When you feel the need for exploring something exciting and foreign but still remotely close to home, then you have the answer in the form of Canada. It really is not that surprising why so many people love to extol the virtues of this fabulous sovereign nation due to its high quality of life plus other sophisticated elements that provides its distinctive charm. That being said, here are some key pieces of vital information that shall help you when deciding to travel to Canada.

Thrill seekers and sports enthusiasts have plenty of reasons to love the mecca of maple trees because there is something for everyone. You could find the perfect set of PXG golf clubs Toronto to arenas where you can play ice hockey for hours. Whatever floats your boat, you shall expect to find a wealth of fun opportunities to keep you active during your Canadian tour.

American and Canadian relations are generally stable enough concerning trading, political, and national security policies that US citizens do not need special visas to visit their neighbors up north. Passports are acceptable for as long as they are legitimate and not yet expired. If you are unsure about the entry requirements, you could do further research online for more details.

It is important to always research about the country before going there. Remaining ignorant can be a costly mistake on your part because there are rules set in place on what travelers are allowed to carry with them past the borders of Canada. Transporting fruits are expressly forbidden but pet animals are approved provided they have the necessary documentation.

The good news is that you could use your American driving license when traveling on their streets and highways, but there are certain concessions you must be aware of. For starters, the nation uses the metric system so distances for road signs are measured in kilometers and not in miles. Additionally, they also implement a rigid code against using phones while driving cars.

Currency conversion can be very tricky, so prior to your departure you should brush up on the latest financial news or updates to figure out the accurate exchange rates. In general, the United States and Canada have a relatively small margin when their respective dollars are stacked up against each other. And remember to use local money when making transactions.

Using the data plan programmed on your phone can be expensive when traveling abroad. The trick here is to disable the data service before you leave and relying solely on free WiFi internet upon your arrival within the country. This way, you could still keep up with your social media activities that will inform your loved ones back home that you are safe and sound in Canada.

Younger travelers in their senior year of high school or freshman year of college might be pleased to know that the legal drinking age of Canada is 18 or 19. Those under 21 years of age will surely find this as welcome information when they like to party up north. But do remember that stores and establishments will still ask for proper identification to determine your legal age.

Everything begins and ends with careful planning so you could avoid potential issues or challenges during this endeavor. Visiting Canada will be a breeze for as long as you stick to these useful bits of advice for reference. Stay positive and be open to experiencing new sights, sounds, flavors, and textures on your travels.

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