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How To Undertake Aquarium Maintenance

By James Sullivan

Good aquatic maintenance practices lead to a healthy and sustainable aquatic environment. Furthermore, time consuming and expensive problems that result from unmaintained aquariums can be resolved. It only takes less than an hour to maintain fish tanks. The main factor for maintaining aquatic tanks is stability. As long as the tank is maintained regularly, the fish will be healthy. Consider the following procedures when carrying out aquarium maintenance.

The first procedure involves replacing the tank water twice a month. This procedure seeks to regulate the oxygen and nutrient content in water. As a fish tank owner living in the city of Cincinnati OH, the health of your fish depends on how frequent the water is replaced. Remove any uneaten food chunks when adding fresh water in the vessel since these particles tend to decompose and increase water acidity levels. Furthermore, when adding tap water, one of the ways of neutralizing chlorine found in it is by using water conditioners.

Tank water should not be replaced at once. You can replace twenty five percent as you gradually add more fresh water. This is because when you change the water at once, nitrifying bacteria, that decompose waste in the container, are lost. Consequently, the fish tank will have high ammonia composition. Ammonia inflames the gills of the fish hence making it hard for them to inhale oxygen from water.

Water acidity must also be tested on a weekly basis using a potential hydrogen indicator. This procedure should be conducted when water is being replaced. As a general rule, the water acidity must be seven units as measured by a potential hydrogen indicator. Any measurement below seven units means that the water has high acidic levels. In this case, a base element like baking soda may be added to decrease the acidic levels.

Use a filter when to remove dirt and other unwanted particles from the tank water. The filter should have inserts made of carbon and floss. These inserts must be replaced after every four weeks. This is because particles filtered from water tend to decompose the inserts. The filter must also be cleaned on a monthly basis.

You can carry out maintenance on your fish tank on a weekly, monthly or daily basis using different practices. For instance, the tank can be assessed daily to determine if it is running well. The aquatic animals can also be observed daily for changes in feeding patterns. Any significant changes in fish feeding patterns are an indication that an aquatic tank is ineffective. Check the expiration dates indicated on boxes and bottles of aquatic supplies purchased from stores in Cincinnati OH monthly.

Remove any decorations and artificial plants in the aquarium as you clean its sides using an algae sponge. These decorations should be cleaned weekly and replaced every month. When cleaning, you should unplug the heater, turn of the water pump and disconnect the filter. Clean the artificial plants from a sink and rinse them thoroughly with a lot of water.

Take water temperature readings with a thermometer after every week. Fish require optimum temperature levels for them to thrive. High temperatures may slow their body metabolism rates. On the other hand, extremely low temperatures may denature their body cells and tissues. The rate in which oxygen is absorbed by fish in water is also determined by the water temperatures.

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