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Starting Your Corporate Catering Service

By Shirley Evans

When people want an additional source of income, they either choose to take on another job or to start a business. However, the second option comes with risks and if not done properly, can be more trouble than its worth. Corporate catering happens to be one of the most lucrative ventures you can invest in. To succeed in this field, you have to make sure you get it right from the beginning.

Even if you are an excellent cook, you must to have a plan to build a profitable business. This will mean taking some time to make a list of the equipment you will need, and the type of food you plan to serve. This can be decided after looking at what most restaurants and hotels serve. If you find a niche you can fill, even better. This plan will also help you to determine how much money you have to put in.

You will realize that running a catering company is not all about cooking. You will need to handle the money sector as well, to ensure you can stay in business. You can choose to hire a manager during the initial stages, but it will be important to understand the basics of how the business works. This way, you know how to handle your accounts, pay your taxes, and also pay the employees.

Before you start making any grand plans, you should find your target market. You can start by visiting the various companies in your area in order to pitch your idea. There are many other caterers within Tucson, Arizona and therefore, you should have an aggressive marketing strategy. You could also opt to give incentives like discounts, to help you establish yourself.

No matter how efficient you are, you have to hire other people from time to time. You can start by identifying a few competent people who you could use permanently. For larger events, consider hiring additional temporary staff to step in. Vet these people carefully as they will be the face of your company.

In order to be self-sufficient, you have to have your items for dressing the tables, and cutlery for the food. For some events, you might need to work with other people who can provide chairs, and lighting arrangements. You might need to rent some of these items initially, or liaise with individuals who can provide these services while you handle the food.

There are some documents which you need to have, to make sure that you stay out of trouble. Make sure you apply for all this early enough, because some of them may take a while to be processed. Be sure to take note of those that will need to be regularly updated.

Perseverance, open-mindedness, and optimism are some traits you need to acquire, once you launch the business. You should try to network with other people in the company. This will expose you to new trends, and it can also be a good way to get clients. The other catering agencies may also stop viewing you as a threat and send some business your way.

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