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Design Tips For You Outdoor Kitchen Newport RI

By Patrick West

If you are someone who loves entertaining people and hosting events, consider having an outdoor cooking area. These are great for ensuring that people have a nice time. An outdoor kitchen Newport RI can provide you with so much fun. But first, you have to know how to set it up right, so that you can make the most of it.

If you do not know anything about good design principles, hire a professional to help you out. Setting up the cooking area might turn out to be much trickier than you think. The professional will design the area, while keeping efficiency in mind. That is, the cold area and hot areas should be separate. So should be the dry areas where food preparation takes place and the wet areas, where the washing is done.

Use quality materials for the surfaces. For instance, tiles and stainless steel are good options. They can withstand the rigors of bad weather without being affected. Also, when shopping for appliances, get ones that have been specifically built for outside use. They should be low maintenance, so that you don't get stressed out cleaning them.

The cooking area should blend in well with the architecture of your house and the rest of the landscape. Keep in mind the colors used on the house and the design. The outdoor extension should look like a natural extension to the main house. You should also place the cooking area, somewhere where you can easily coordinate it with your indoor kitchen, so do not place them far apart.

Think about what to do in wet weather. You will need to set up some coverings in the cooking and sitting area. Put some awnings up. You can also set up tables and chairs around an umbrella. Whatever covering you use in the cooking area, make sure that it cannot easily catch fire.

Think about the kind of entertainment you would like to have. Whether you would like to listen to some music or watch the television. Set up areas where the appliances can be installed if you decide that you want them. When getting a television, make sure that the screen can be easily viewed even when under bright light without a problem.

Set up the lighting. The lighting should be put directly over the cooking area and also the sitting area. Put task lights specifically where you will use them. For instance, you may want to put task lights over the counter space or over the oven or grill, so that you can see what you are cooking well. Use creative lighting in the areas where people will be sitting.

Have a budget for the appliances that you want to buy. You will have to buy separate appliances from the ones that you are using indoors. This includes getting an oven, fridge and keg. You can even get some temporary appliances that can be stored away whenever you are not using them. Use the appliances to define the cooking area. You can do this by setting them up in an L-shaped format.

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