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Facts About Canoe, A Relaxing And Thrilling Experience

By Anthony Thompson

Going to new locations begins a new journey to experience other places by voyagers. Enlightening ones mind and appreciating the attractive sceneries, or do exciting stuff that is worth remembering by accomplishing something in the outdoors. Thins like rock climbing, cliff diving, kayaking, and another equivalent for exciting exercises that will sure cause your blood to rush.

Vacation experience relies on the destination itself and what the place can offer. The Foggy Bottom canoe is a recreational activity offered to tourists or locals that are interested in trying kayaking. The location has a beautiful river where people can take their pictures while exploring and have a picnic while looking at the gorgeous scenery.

Besides acknowledging the natural beauty of the destination, the activity of kayaking has a rich history itself that one might get interested in knowing how a type of transportation made it as an official Olympic competition. Open canoe or kayaking originated in some parts of Europe that require paddling the boat with single blade paddle. Back then it was considered an ancient way of transportation, and it became an official transit during the 19th century.

Time passes by, a group of organization turned the transportation into a sport which lately made its appearance in the Olympics back in the summer of 1936. With its exposure, cities and other places that have rivers started acquiring these boats to attract tourists on their locality to boost tourism. This past time exercise is more exhilarating for adrenaline seekers especially when rivers have rapid currents.

For family experiences, there are rivers that are calm and good for exploring the surroundings along with the kids and appreciating the nature itself. Crews that provide instructions are required to be trained and friendly to the people, particularly when giving directions with the use of the canoe. Similar to other exercises, kayaking also has set of guideline to be followed before paddling into the water.

For professionals, similar to those that compete in canoe tournaments like sprint canoe prefer going to speedy current rivers. These competitors place themselves in the kayak in a kneeling position and the important part of getting speed is to have less drag on the water by reducing the impact to the boat. That is why there are several sizes of canoes depending on its use.

Beams with a narrow width of 33 inches wide is great for speed and paddling efficiency, best for racing competitions. The downside is it has low initial stability, meaning it is not easy to balance at first ride. First timers might have a hard time getting on this one, as this kind of model is designed for racing purposes.

On the other hand, medium sizes measuring from 34 to 37 inches is a combination of good capacity and stability. With a boat this wide, two persons can ride this thing and very versatile in paddling, single or tandem. The disadvantage is, it comes second in terms of speed compared to the narrow boats, and last when matched against the next one.

Wide sized kayaks have 38 inches width that has a higher initial stability compared to the two. Advisable for fishing and photography due to its slow pace, poor glide and difficult to paddle alone. Sounds like an easy fishing activity, but judging by its activities, this one is worth writing on the bucket list.

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