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Finding A Capable Soft Story Contractor

By Sharon Hayes

Soft story buildings have two or more stories that have a lower floor with wide doors, large windows, big unobstructed spaces and openings where shear walls should be. A soft story has less resistance and generally weaker than those floors above it. Buildings with its ground level being used as parking spaces or for commercial and business uses.

With the unpredictability of earthquakes and the risk of your building from collapsing, you must take action in strengthening the weak floors that you have. It is also mandatory now by law for buildings to be retrofitted and pass the standards required to withstand an earthquake. You can start finding a capable soft story contractor Los Angeles have to offer in order for you to comply with the law.

Look for contractors that specializes in retrofitting jobs online for your area. You could also look for them in yellow pages or in the pages of local newspapers in their advertisement section. List down the contractors you have found that you think you will hire and gather information about them.

Request for recommendations from people you know and take note of those in your list. This would be a great way of getting an honest opinion about these companies based on the experiences of the people you trust. Their experiences with them will be the basis of recommending someone or suggesting to you to avoid them.

Ask how many buildings have they retrofitted and if it is possible for you to see them. This is a great way to check the quality of their work and maybe interview the building owner about his experience with them. You will be able to get an idea on the way they do their work and the speed and cleanliness of it.

Read reviews or testimonials on the internet about them. This would show you if their previous customers were satisfied or not with their performance and if any complaints have been raised against them. Research their background by visiting their websites or online forums that may have a topic on them.

Inquire for the usual time they do their job and how long it would take them to finish it. Inform them of the time of days that there are the least tenants on the building to know the right time they could do their work. It is also possible that you and the tenants have to move out while doing their job to be safe so clarify it with them.

Inquire about the estimated total cost they will ask for these services. Take into consideration the profits you and your tenants may lose during these interruptions. If the cost is not affordable for you, there is an option for public financing that the government offers as an assistance.

If you are using the soft story as a parking area then you may not be able to use for the mean time. You will be compensated by the government in order for you to be able to park in other places or areas instead. Make sure to comply with this program not just to avoid violating the law but to strengthen your building and make it safer.

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