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How Modular Homes Virginia Natives Own Differ From Property Built On Site

By David Scott

There are a lot of Richmond VA residents who would rather make mortgage payments on their own home than pay rent each month. They may think they don't have any choice but a traditional house, that is above their means, or a mobile home that may or may not be safe in bad weather. Most of them don't know that there are other options. The modular homes Virginia dealers have for sale can be a good solution to their home ownership dilemma.

Because they're both constructed in factories and transported to their destination, many people confuse modulars with mobile, or manufactured, homes. These two types of housing are not at all the same. Mobile homes are considered personal property, and ownership is transferred by bill of sale. Modulars are permanently fixed to a foundation and cannot be moved. Ownership of modulars is transferred by title, just like a house built on site.

If modulars are not the same as trailers, they are also not the same as traditional houses built on site from the foundation up. As stated before, modulars are built off site in a pre-planned system that allows them to be transported to their permanent location. Since the builders are not dependent on weather conditions, modulars can be constructed fairly quickly. These houses must be built according to strict rules and guidelines.

Factory built houses resemble children's building blocks in the factory. They are made in sections so it is possible to move them on public roads. Once they reach their destination, workers put them in place using cranes. The size and complexity of these houses vary widely. Before any construction begins, careful plans are drawn and approved.

People may wonder about the cost of a prefabricated home, as opposed to one built on site. Most comparable factory constructed houses cost considerably less than traditional residences. Much of the savings comes from the speed with which they can be built. Modulars are also inspected in the factory, as they are under construction, which saves the purchaser money.

There are many benefits to choosing a prefab over traditional housing. Not only can you get more house for your money, you will be helping the environment and saving on energy costs as the same time. You can expect the quality and amenities in prefabs that you will find in other residences.

These houses are built to last and can withstand storm winds in excess of one hundred fifty miles an hour. Your homeowner's insurance should cover everything it covers with traditional housing, and there is no difference in the tax rate between the two. You will have to meet the same financing guidelines in order to purchase a prefab and the length of the loan should be equal to on site built housing.

Modulars can be good options for people who have the dream of home ownership and live on a budget. They are well built, long lasting, and extremely attractive.

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