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Maintenance Tips Necessary For Your Bathtub Reglazing NYC

By Shirley Walker

Like everything, our bathtubs, bathrooms, and kitchens require maintenance after regular intervals. If we want to maintain the same new look for years in our bathrooms with a shiny finish and attractive bathtub new surfaces, then we must think of maintaining them with the treatments providing to these home daily using elements. Bathtub Reglazing NYC is particularly important as it promotes the value of your home.

After the refinishing process, it is important to wait for 48 hours after application before it is used. Using the bath tub before the finish is set can lead to damage of the surface. Once the initial waiting period is over, and the tub is back in use, no bottles or bars of soap should be left on the ledges.

A properly refinished tub can last 10 years or more. Skeptics will tell you a refinished tub won't last. They are wrong. My first tub was done just over ten years ago and still looks great today (it was my own tub). To properly refinish your tub requires that you follow directions. If you do, you can expect many years of use from your newly refinished tub.

One of the problems with an old tub is that the finish becomes worn. As this finish wears, the surface develops microscopic pores which trap and retain moisture for long periods of time. This moisture allows the growth of mold, mildew, and fungus. It also makes it nearly impossible to remove stains. Tub refinishing seals these tiny pores and creates a smooth surface that prevents the growth of mold and fungus and gives no place for stains to stick. A refinished tub is easy to clean and doesn't require constant cleaning.

Bathtub re-glazing is the technique of cleaning and repairing the bathtubs with the best strategies providing the best alternatives. First of all, all the dirty elements got washed from the bathtub surfaces with the help of heat and other high-quality detergent washes including acidic elements also. It provides various measures to bathtub repair in which all the spots and broken spaces are filled with quality products and filling coatings.

Sometimes the new finish can cause the bath tub to be slippery. If so, a non-suction type bath mat should be used. Those with suction cups on the bottom can harm the new surface. Even those without suction should not be left in the tub for extended periods of time. Instead, they should be removed after use and not left hanging over the side of the device.

Tub reglazing kits can be found at almost all of the usual hardware stores. They can also be ordered online for the same low prices that you would buy them at the store. Not only readily available, these tub reglazing kits are also easy to work with and take almost no time. Each kit comes with easy to follow instructions on how to go about reglazing your tub. Cheap, easy to find, and easy to work with, these kits are the way to go.

With these simple maintenance tips, an old bathtub can be made new again with refinishing. Those made of fiberglass or porcelain can be refinished as can the surrounding shower stalls and ceramic tile. When considering refinishing to cover damage in the bath tub or to change the color of the existing tub, it is a good idea to find a remodeler who offers a warranty on their services to ensure that they provide a quality product that can be expected to perform effectively.

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