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Facts Concerning Hunting For Alligators

By Frank Stone

Activities involving killing and capturing of wildlife in known as hunting. Hunting is among the oldest economic activities. The history of hunting dates back to the beginning of human history. This activity has lots of benefits including supplying man with leather, food and other animal products. Back in the day leather served as sleeping and clothing material. This is what hunting for alligators entails.

To date, there are still people who go hunting especially in the Western countries. An example of such is the United States whereby a license is issued to the person who wants to hunt any kind of wildlife and of course alligators are included. This proves the fact that though hunting is practiced, the activity is more regulated and possesses advanced technology. Gator hunting is the most prominent in the southeaster states of the U. S. A.

Some of the states that have a high number of the alligators include Arkansas, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina and Texas. It has been stated that if the high population of the alligators is not controlled the situation would be a fatal threat to human security. And this is why people have to acquire a government permit in order to hunt reptiles in a hunting window that opens for approximately a month.

Killing of alligators is prohibited in North Caroline. This makes it the only southeaster state where such law exists. The only people allowed to hunt or kill gators are wildlife service employees which make it illegal for anyone else to hunt alligators. They are a protected species in this state. Anyone coming across them is supposed to report the matter to relevant authorities for action as required by law. A person hunting gators may be either jailed or fined.

Like any other application there are requirements that are needed for the person applying for the license. These details which are personal may include name, date of birth and social security number. They are filled in an application form which is accompanied by a fee. The fee varies from different states.

The license usually indicates the area range within which one is allowed to do the hunt. It also indicates the number of gators one is allowed to catch during the period. Straying from the specified area may be considered illegal and may attract a fine or some other measures. Once the open season on gators expires, people are required to stop the exercise with immediate effect. The license will usually indicate the end date of the exercise.

These reptiles are dangerous. The danger they pose to humans and other animals is serious. To make the matter worse they do not produce one or two offspring like birds or other mammals. Each breeding season they lay tens of eggs which hatch into young ones. This ensures that their population is always high. As such, human versus gator conflicts have been reported as they occasionally invade human space.

Reptiles are being hunted for their skin. This is used to make various products like watch handles, bags, shoes, jackets and hats among others. The annual hunting culture was triggered by the increasing healthy population of the gators.

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