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Searching For A Wedding Caterer Brentwood

By Melissa Clark

When you are making the arrangements for your marriage celebrations there are a lot of things to carefully plan. You need to book various venues, prepare a guest list and you may also want to provide some food. You may be able to prepare your own food for a small party but for larger events it is advisable to use caterers. When you are trying to find a Wedding Caterer Brentwood there are various options available to you.

The first thing you will need to do is work out how many people are going to be attending your celebration and you need to calculate a budget. Some of the caterers will have fixed menus and will charge a fixed amount per head. The prices you pay are going to depend on how many people are eating and what type of food you plan to provide.

It is also worth taking some time to consider your guests requirements to make sure that there is a food option for all. Young children may have to be catered for and it is always advisable to have some vegetarian options on the menu. A number of your guests may be allergic to certain types of food and you need to be aware of this when you are in the planning stages.

Various menu options are offered by wedding caterers and some care is needed when you are choosing the menu. Any type of cuisine can be provided ranging from a self service cold buffet to a sit down banquet with all of the trimmings. Fully trained waiters and chefs will be working and bar tenders and wine waiters can also be hired to serve drinks to your guests.

There are various ways to locate a catering company to supply and prepare your food. Companies can be found in local telephone directories and many firms will advertise in the press. Many companies can also be found online and their web sites are a good place research the available options.

When you have found a company you can arrange a meeting and a consultant will go through your plans and discuss your requirements. If you are unsure about what food to offer your guests the caterers will be happy to advise you. Catering companies will usually ask for a deposit before they organize the event and this will be deducted from the final bill.

Another essential thing to think about is what equipment you need for your event. Cold buffets can be prepared in advance by the caterers but if you are serving hot food they may need to bring their own equipment. Other items such as furniture, plates and utensils can also be supplied if they are needed.

When your event is over the catering firm will clean up and take away their equipment. When you have paid the bill you should retain payment receipts and the contact details for the company in case you need to use them in the future. If you are happy with the food, service and price paid it is worth giving your feedback to the caterer.

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